Presenting Chüz Gummies & Caramels

More candy, more flavour, more variety and more freedom to Chüz what works best for you. Chüz were created to fulfil your sweetest desires with a variety of delicious cannabis edibles.  Industry leading confectioners have created delightful recipes that are infused with the finest cannabis extract available.  Chüz your own adventure; gummy or caramel!

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Why us

A Passion For Edibles

Variety, delicious flavour and consistency is our guarantee; each Chüz will be as effective and tasty as the last. A proven confectionary chef created each one of our products, which we handcraft in the Kootenay region of B.C. to provide you a legendary cannabis candy experience. Chüz is 100% Canadian owned and operated and committed to delivering a consistent and delicious edibles experience for all.

Chüz Your Flavour

Chüz Sour Gummies Variety Pack

5 pc, 2mg THC/pc

Chüz Tropical Blendz

4 pc, 2.5mg THC/pc

Chüz Berry Blendz

4 pc, 2.5mg THC/pc

Chüz 1:1 Cola Gummies

4 pc, 2.5mg THC/pc

Chüz Maple Caramels

2 pc, 5mg THC/pc

Chüz Salted Caramels

5 pc, 2mg THC/pc

Chüz Classic Soda Blendz

4 pc, 2.5mg THC/pc